Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What's happened since the last post

Ok, to bring everyone up to speed without writing a whole book :))

Walmart is STILL pushing for a supercenter.

But just when you think all hope's lost, something weird & cool happens - another company, Our Family Foods, jumped into the ring & dropped a bombshell.....

When walmart built, they signed an agreement with Our Family to the effect that any major expansion riquires approval of the other signers of the aggreement,

OF's lawyer showed up at a council meeting, and layed it out in no uncertain terms that....

YES! a major champion's taken up the cause!

But we as intelligent citizens of this city and country STILL need to deal with the sellouts, the traitors to this once great country!

Some of those sellouts are listed below.

Kenneth J Kezo
Sturgeon Bay

Gary Beranis
Sturgeon Bay

Patrick Murphy
Sturgeon Bay

Terry and Di Wagner
Sturgeon Bay

w.c. Kivell
Sturgeon Bay

Marilyn McAllister
Sturgeon Bay

Timothy Oconnor
Sturgeon Bay

Jeff Norland
Sturgeon Bay

Veronica Vertz
Sturgeon Bay

Jean Smejkal

Dorothy Lindsey
Washington Island

These selfcentered people could care less about what happens to others or the community - the only thing they care about is themselves and getting cheap sh**.

I don't consider these people Americans. Hell, I don't even think they're human! and they sure as hell don't have souls, since they've already sold those.


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