Friday, April 13, 2012

WALFART, destruction of history, and Attack of the Anonymous A--holes

first, the new supercenter is open, and the timer is counting down - which business is going to fold first.
A really weird thing's been noticed about it: they built awrought iron and brick FENCE around at least part of the new parking lot. Is walfart trying to lure in the condo and yacht crowd, or is it for something else.

NEXT, from what I've been hearing sheet's looking to hit the fan with nancy fisher in egg harbor over her obsession with ripping down a historic building to put in a parking lot. Nancy, not a smart thing to do there. better make sure your insurance is paid up, cause with all the ppl you've pissed off you might wind up needing it.


How useful is our local fire dept????
Anonymous said...
Maybe insted of being on your third wine tasting of the day. and sitting on your porch watching put some gear on and go fight a fire these people put there life on the line everday they might not see there family after one of these fires you. Do not know what goes on in a structe fire lots of varriables to take in to facts (all I know I hope you never have a need for the fire dept on your property might just have a problem getting the fire truck started it happens)
10/21/2011 05:24:00 AM

HAHAHAHAHAHA, is that the BESTyou could come up with? For a personal attack, that's pretty fricken WEAK.
OH, and by the way anon1, I covered this in another post but it looks like you were too whacked out on goofballs to see it, so I'll post it again: Another person pointed out some things I knew about but overlooked, such as how heavy the air packs are and how DAMNED HOT the turnout gear gets when buttoned up.
As for wine, lookslike YOU need to take your own advice.

Respondin to comments

Anonymous said...
ohhhhh you are mean..... But I shouldn't be surprised most people here are. Also you probably haven't graduated past high school or anything. I shop all over. Econo and Pick and Save. But some things that I like to purchase are just too expensive. Both of those grocery stores are known for that. It will be nice to have a store like Wal-mart to get those items that are just too expensive at the other stores.
10/15/2011 03:32:00 PM

Oh, I KNOW who you are now anon1, TOM FELHOFER - Door County's village idiot.

Fortunately, with all the harmful poisons and chemically added to the food wallyworld imports from the cheapest sources, sooner or later you'll be silenced by your own greed.

Anonymous said...
I've been reading through your blog hoping to get some insight from a local. But all you have are negative things to say!!! Why can't you talk about the positive things that are happening from a locals point of view?
10/15/2011 03:34:00 PM

You mean like the movie being filmed in sturgeon bay?


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