Friday, February 24, 2006


Door County Fair Enterprise has been cirulating a petition against the supercenter. I don't know how many others have been going around with the sheets, but if my own rounds were any indication most people are indeed against the supercenter - many of the people I asked were SO opposed to it that if the city council plays dumb and ignores the petition, there could be a riot!

Only 2 people didn't sign - 1 refused, the other said they'd sign it but had to go get a pen - then hid out in the office till I left. If you don't want to sign, fine - I won't hold it against you. BUT, Saying you will do something, then running off to hide? There's no honor in that, and it REALLY pissed me off (pardon the language). I think that it's safe to say that even TRUMP would get physically hostile at that! This incident, coupled with her heavily biased hiring practices, means that it's time to crank up the heat. :D (COUGHdollargeneralCOUGH)

People are now off their butts, and let me tell you, WE GOT US AN ARMY the likes of which this county's never seen! God help those who rile up the common men(and women)!

To quote the Marines . . . . . .

HOO rah!