Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A reprieve, and a loss

Well, only around 50 people showed this this time, no doubt because they scheduled the meeting the day after a federal holiday.

The new council chambers are smaller than the old ones - WTH???? It's like they don't expect or want people to show up for the meetings. Poor Dan (the Chief of police) wound up playing go-for, dragging in plush office chairs from the different employee offices (which looked like they cost around $200 each).

The FIRST public hearing - GREAT SCOTT - took about 2 hours!!!!!!!!!

The comment that stuck out the most was made by a transplanted Brit (who earned a lot of instant respect by stating):

If you'll look behind me, I think, you're in the minority"
Adrian M. (refering to the city council)


When it was all said and done, the city council voted to table the anexation.

They then moved on to changes in the "Big Box" ordinance.

After a shorter period of public comments, the city council voted to approve the current changes and accepted it as is - WITHOUT a size cap, and WITHOUT a definate impact study on local businesses, opting instead to study JUST the impact on city services.

In other words, THIS FIGHT IS NOT OVER! We as concerned citizens MUST redouble our efforts, not only to oppose the commercial developement out there, but also to get the word out to EVERYONE in this county!

Friday, September 01, 2006


Just got the word last night - Tuesday Sept 5th at 8pm, the city council will be inviting public comments on the developement south of town - the one with enough space for a big box.

Will post a scan of the agenda here as soon as I get one (which is in about an hour - they're printed at 2pm)


You're going to absolutely LOVE this!

The document regarding next tuesday's business agenda for the city council.... is OVER 60 PAGES!!!!!!!

Included in the document is every little detail from meetings of the last several months, much of it having nothing to do with the anexation! Purchases for the new government building, purchases of services and equipment for various city dept.'s, expense lists, ANOTHER ANEXATION for the duluth ave area, and S***LOADS more!

It's as if they (city government) is trying to make it as hard as possible to find it. Oh, it's there alright. but you have to go through 3/4's of the document before you get to it.

Even then, they decided to throw in every little detail, such as listing the codes & laws word for word, in an attempt to bore and/or confuse people.


In other items, remember Laddie Chapman? WELLLLL (he he he), based on photos on his own site ( a member of the "walmart resistance fighters" has positively indentified LADDIE as being the man running the cameras during city council meetings!

Seems laddie is ALSO having some trouble in his life -;jsessionid=D9892C39376B1B441437713839A74864.render11?caseNo=2006CV000148&countyNo=15&cacheId=AA036DE2E98792063E7AA96C0E08C628&recordCount=6&offset=0
This makes the 3rd time - I don't think he'll keep it THIS time :D

Oh, and Laddie? this is the LEAST you can expect for bearing false witness against me. Next time, deal with others more honestly and you won't make such dangerous enemies.