Friday, April 13, 2012

WALFART, destruction of history, and Attack of the Anonymous A--holes

first, the new supercenter is open, and the timer is counting down - which business is going to fold first.
A really weird thing's been noticed about it: they built awrought iron and brick FENCE around at least part of the new parking lot. Is walfart trying to lure in the condo and yacht crowd, or is it for something else.

NEXT, from what I've been hearing sheet's looking to hit the fan with nancy fisher in egg harbor over her obsession with ripping down a historic building to put in a parking lot. Nancy, not a smart thing to do there. better make sure your insurance is paid up, cause with all the ppl you've pissed off you might wind up needing it.


How useful is our local fire dept????
Anonymous said...
Maybe insted of being on your third wine tasting of the day. and sitting on your porch watching put some gear on and go fight a fire these people put there life on the line everday they might not see there family after one of these fires you. Do not know what goes on in a structe fire lots of varriables to take in to facts (all I know I hope you never have a need for the fire dept on your property might just have a problem getting the fire truck started it happens)
10/21/2011 05:24:00 AM

HAHAHAHAHAHA, is that the BESTyou could come up with? For a personal attack, that's pretty fricken WEAK.
OH, and by the way anon1, I covered this in another post but it looks like you were too whacked out on goofballs to see it, so I'll post it again: Another person pointed out some things I knew about but overlooked, such as how heavy the air packs are and how DAMNED HOT the turnout gear gets when buttoned up.
As for wine, lookslike YOU need to take your own advice.

Respondin to comments

Anonymous said...
ohhhhh you are mean..... But I shouldn't be surprised most people here are. Also you probably haven't graduated past high school or anything. I shop all over. Econo and Pick and Save. But some things that I like to purchase are just too expensive. Both of those grocery stores are known for that. It will be nice to have a store like Wal-mart to get those items that are just too expensive at the other stores.
10/15/2011 03:32:00 PM

Oh, I KNOW who you are now anon1, TOM FELHOFER - Door County's village idiot.

Fortunately, with all the harmful poisons and chemically added to the food wallyworld imports from the cheapest sources, sooner or later you'll be silenced by your own greed.

Anonymous said...
I've been reading through your blog hoping to get some insight from a local. But all you have are negative things to say!!! Why can't you talk about the positive things that are happening from a locals point of view?
10/15/2011 03:34:00 PM

You mean like the movie being filmed in sturgeon bay?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Respondin to comments

I tell you, ever since google took over blogger & youtube, both sites have been a pain in the ***! Youtube has turned into spam central (even though the rules say NO paid advertising on it - google ignores all spam reports.) and blogger keeps giving me password errors.

But enough of that, time to answer some comments.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 10:56 AM
niki guri has left a new comment on your post "5 businesses close in sturgeon bay - 2010/12/27-01...":
This is the owner of Blue Bay and Blen's Family Restaurant... This is the people who wrote on there that Blen's was closing.. We are not closing we dont plan on closing and We closed Blue Bay cuz the rent was to high and bussnies went slowed down. So everyone before u post something on here make sure u get the right information from us then u can post it cause u think u aren't doing anything wrong by posting this but u are u are making the town think that we are shutting down.. Thank u very much

hey niki, thanks for updating us - sorry it took so long for me to post back. I DID try to find out what happened wit blue bay, but like I said it was hard to understand what was being said (I have pretty crappy phonelines in my place - theyre older than I am :)) ). I also made it pretty clear that the info at that time wasnt definate, and that it could turn out to be false (STILL dont know wth happened with hardees).

If you could give the latest on what happened with Blen's, I'd sure appreciate it.

Sunday, July 07, 2011
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Say goodbye to Sturgeon Bay, say hello to Ghost To...":
I have lived in Jacksonport going on 4 years. And having been living here I am very thankful for the supercenter to be built. I actually drive to Green Bay just to shop at the supercenter. I don't think this will deter tourists from shopping at their fancy little expensive shops at all. This will just help us locals actually be able to afford to keep living here and doing our jobs.

Can you be any more STUPID, anon????
the tourist shops are NOT being targeted - what IS are places like econo, pick n save, bay pharmacy, griessens, wine cellar, door county hardware, etc. & if you drive all the way to green bay just to shop at a supercenter, then why the hell did you move to jacksonport - why didnt you just move to fricken green bay!?!?
If you werent so stupid & willing to overlook walfarts lies for the sake of cheap crap that you gotta replace every year, you would realize just how big a threat walfart is not only to small towns but the whole damn country.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

5 businesses close in sturgeon bay - 2010/12/27-0100

According to word on the street, 5 businesses here in sturgeon bay have folded up in the last week or so.

& BOTH gannett & doorcountydailynews dropped the ball prefering to report on snow forts, XC skiing, & the death of a ****ing camel!

2 verified so far are hardees & blue bay restaurants.

Blue bay has a "for lease" message up on the sign, & a message on the door states the locks have been changed - which could mean the person/business was evicted.

Not much is known right now about hardees, except mention of the IRS being involved.

I'll update this post as more info comes in.

***UPDATE - 2010/12/27-1621***

ALRIGHT, after a day of pounding the pavement, I've dug up the following info:

So far, there's 3 stories on this - that corporate shut them down, that someone in charge had a gambling problem (possibly embesslement), & that the IRS was involved in some way. What's known for sure is that at least 1 employee showed up for work the day they closed, & was told to turn around & go back home - that they were closing, pretty much 8 hours notice that she no longer had a job

STILL nothing definate - called the # listed on the sign(715-581-2041), and the man I spoke with I couldn't make out most of WHAT the hell he was saying. Some of it sounded like "people from overseas", "they left", & (I think) "no business", Though in his defense I'm pretty sure he was having the same problem understanding me (phone/line problems, maybe?)


Nautical inn

NOTE: the 3 above haven't been verified yet - 1 or more might turn out to be misheard or accidentally misremembered by the various sources (in other words, don't take it as fact yet).


Will update as new info is uncovered.


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

City council sells out to walmart.

Sturgeon Bay signs Wal-Mart agreement
By Ramelle Bintz • • April 24, 2010

The city of Sturgeon Bay voted unanimously Tuesday to sign a development agreement with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to build a new Supercenter on the city's east side.

City Administrator Steve McNeil detailed some of the highlights of the agreement as the contract was negotiated in closed session and then later approved. City Attorney Randy Nesbitt sent it off this week for Wal-Mart's signature.

"This agreement is not an obligation on the part of Wal-Mart to construct the Supercenter," McNeil said. "But they do want to sign a contract so they feel confident when they are buying the land of what their commitments are."

Chief among the city's concerns, McNeil said, is to protect the businesses and the traffic corridor along Egg Harbor Road so that the road remains open during construction. The proposed 120,000-square-foot Supercenter would replace the current Walmart at 1536 Egg Harbor Road.

The agreement details both public and private commitments and was sent to Wal-Mart's attorney, Debbie Tomczyk, for approval. Tomczyk has negotiated twists and turns the project has taken for years before the Supercenter won final unanimous Common Council approval in January. Under the agreement, the new store would open by March 1, 2012.

Wal-Mart had planned to close on the property by April, but the sale was postponed until a signed agreement was in hand. All obligations are contingent upon the company's acquisition of the property. Development plans would be finalized the rest of this year, with bids going out next spring and construction starting next year.

The agreement calls for the city to complete its public works no later than Oct. 31, 2011.

Some of the other highlights of the agreement shows Wal-Mart is responsible to:

  • Pay for Sturgeon Bay Utilities to upgrade the 14th Avenue Booster Station, not to exceed $171,600.
  • Construct and maintain a storm-water detention basin and related storm-water facilities on the property.
  • Reconfigure access points into and out of the property, per the final plans approved by the city.
  • Pay for a new traffic signal at the intersection of Walmart's driveway with Egg Harbor Road.
  • Pay for a new traffic signal at the intersection of 14th Avenue and Egg Harbor Road.
  • Pay for improvements to Egg Harbor Road from 14th Avenue through the Walmart driveway access, including, but not limited to, pavement, drainage facilities, curb and gutter, street lights, street trees, signs and pavement markings.
  • Contribute $151,500 to the city for future expansion of the sidewalk system on Egg Harbor Road.
  • In the event that Wal-Mart fails to timely complete the work described, the city may assess special damages against the property in the amount of $200 per day for each day that work remains substantially incomplete.

  • I don't know HOW the HELL they can be going through with building, when there's STILL the problem of the agreement they signed with Nash Finch saying that WM needs approval from all signors to expand! And where's the land coming from to expand Egg Harbor rd? More than likely the NIGHTINGALE, which would tie in to the other info I've heard that nightingale's folding up.... only the 1st of many thanks to the cult of WALFART.

    And WHERE the HELL'S "fair enterprise" in all this??? Does anybody even fucking CARE anymore that SB's going to get flushed down the damned toilet!?!?!

    Like old santa, I got a list, I've checked it twice so I know where EVERY walfart cultist lives. And I'm not above taking their money and giving it to the people their god hurts. REMEMBER THAT - THE DEADLIST ENEMY IS ONE WITH NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE, and when you fuck with my friends (yeah, I'm talking to YOU "mr anonymous" shit talker) all rules go out the window.

    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    Another "Off Topic"


    OK, to be blunt, another of the things that tend to REALLY PISS ME OFF, is that scourge of email - SPAM!

    It's bad enough when you're getting spam junk for cars, meds, & the idiot nigerian scammers, but our braindead & childish REPUBLICANS have jumped on the f***ing bandwagon!

    Let's take a look at some of the absolute GARBAGE these little a**holes are sending out:

    Sue Gazdo, RNC Membership Services Director
    Last Minute Gift For Your Favorite Republicans
    Thu, 12/4/08 9KB

    Saxby Chambliss
    Liberal Invasion
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    John Ensign
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    Orrin Hatch
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    Tue, 11/11/08 9KB

    Scott Bensing
    Sat, 11/8/08 9KB

    John Ensign
    Not Over Yet
    Fri, 11/7/08 9KB

    Network World Daily News
    An open letter to President-elect Obama; DOJ blamed for busted Yahoogle deal; Broadband prices fall
    Wed, 11/5/08 33KB

    Chairman Robert M. 'Mike' Duncan
    Thank You
    Wed, 11/5/08 6KB

    Team McCain
    Correction - Thank You Wisconsin: One Final Push
    Tue, 11/4/08 10KB

    Team McCain
    Thank You Wisconsin: One Final Push
    Tue, 11/4/08 10KB

    Orrin Hatch
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    John Ensign
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    John McCain
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    Mon, 11/3/08 10KB

    Stan Olshefski
    Scarier Than Halloween?
    Sat, 11/1/08 7KB

    Mike Slanker
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    Fri, 10/31/08 13KB

    Orrin Hatch
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    Thu, 10/30/08 11KB

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    Wisconsin for McCain Palin
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    I finally wound up blocking outright 10 different email domains (that's DOMAINS, not individual addresses!

    If this doesn't show you just how SLEASY & scummy the repubs have become, then nothing will.

    If anyone even cares anymore.......

    Council To Take Up Wal-Mart Rezoning

    By Bob Dohr

    Groundbreaking wouldn't be for another year-and-a-half, but another step in the Wal-Mart approval process could be taken at tonight's Sturgeon Bay City Council meeting. Members will be giving a first reading to a rezoning ordinance related to the proposed Supercenter on Egg Harbor Road. A second reading of the ordinance and a developer's agreement between the city and the retailer are also needed before the project gets the green light.

    The Council will also take action on a Personnel Committee recommendation to change the shift structure of the Police Department, at least on a trial basis. Look for a separate story on that topic on

    Tonight's meeting(01/19.10) starts at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

    Unless a lot of people turn out again tonight like when this shit first started, plain & simple - this town's FUCKED!

    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    Say goodbye to Sturgeon Bay, say hello to Ghost Town!

    Well, I hate to say it but Sturgeon Bay's in deep s***....

    1/7/10 - Council Members Weigh In On Wal-Mart
    By Bob Dohr

    The Wal-Mart issue has been discussed by the Sturgeon Bay City Council many, many times prior to Tuesday night's consideration of the retailer's final Planned Unit Development, so aldermen didn't spend a ton of time asking questions and making comments. But that didn't mean they didn't have things to say. Ron Vandertie didn't agree with an amendment dealing with the water supply, saying it can be dealt with at a later time.

    At issue is whether the city needs to build a water tower or if the retailer's water needs can be met in a different way. Either way Wal-Mart would contribute to the cost.

    Alderman Thad Birmingham said he doesn't like the look of the sign that's being proposed

    The monument style sign would say "Wal-Mart" on the top and "Econo Foods" in smaller letters below. Community Development Director Marty Olejniczak says the sign would be backlit and feature a limestone-type base to give the sign more of a local look.

    The Council ended up approving the final PUD by unanimous vote.

    Wal-Mart road construction reviewed
    Plan involves extended turn lanes, more stoplights
    By Kurt Rentmeester • January 9, 2010

    The Door County Highway Safety Commission has approved a series of improvements on Egg Harbor Road to enhance traffic flow and open the area to pedestrians and bicyclists for when the Wal-Mart Supercenter opens there in 2012.

    Extended turn lanes and additional stoplights were some of the features in a revised plan that Sturgeon Bay City Engineer Tony Depies presented Thursday to the commission.
    (& just HOW are they going to do this? To expand turn lanes they'll have to widen Egg Harbor Rd, which means they'll take land from the Nightengale, dig up graves & move em, etc!)

    The center left turn lane in the 1500 block of Egg Harbor Road was lengthened for greater capacity, he said. The area was extended between 14th and Alabama streets. Wal-Mart is covering the improvement costs.

    Stop signs are being added at the intersection of Egg Harbor Road and 14th Street and at the front entrance for the Wal-Mart development. A left turn lane will be added specifically for the entrance area at Wal-Mart.

    "The intersection's absolute final design is still a little bit in flux," Depies said. "They're still getting some right-of-way from the cemetery just to the east of Wal-Mart. There will be signals at the entrance, as well as the intersection of 14th and Egg Harbor."

    The plan also includes details on alternative routes during construction and diagram of the front of the store.

    The plans also include details on the design and length of left- and right-hand turn lanes. Bicycle lanes will be added, and sidewalks will be added along Egg Harbor Road between Eighth and 14th streets near the Wal-Mart development.

    "Putting in sidewalks is difficult because of the cost of construction," Depies said. "Every time they try to put sidewalks in, we receive some opposition, even when they're free."

    A detour route will be established when the road is rebuilt, he said.

    The proposal will go to the Door County Highway Committee for input in the coming weeks on the street improvements planned in anticipation of the Wal-Mart Supercenter expansion.

    Initial response was positive from members of the Door County Highway Safety Commission.

    Safety Commission Chairman Dan Austad said he was impressed with the safety aspects of the proposal.

    "It looks good, there's no question about it," Austad said. "But the Highway Committee will have more say on the issue."

    Highway Commissioner John Kolodziej said he expects to see a few final changes to the proposal before work begins next year. But some of the additions open the area up to pedestrians and bicyclists.

    "I think the safety improvements are important," Kolodziej said. "One of the most critical things they need to have are sidewalks ... and the bicycle route. There is much greater pedestrian access."

    Wal-Mart receives go-ahead to build Supercenter
    New store won't be ready until 2012
    By Ramelle Bintz • January 9, 2010

    Wal-Mart won unanimous approval Tuesday from Sturgeon Bay's Common Council to build a Supercenter behind its current store at 1536 Egg Harbor Road.

    But the new store won't be ready until 2012.

    "We were somewhat surprised of the timeframe," said Community Development Director Marty Olejniczak. "It's 2½ years away."

    Wal-Mart submitted a preliminary schedule to go with its final Planned Unit Development plan that shows its property closing in April, completing construction development plans the rest of this year, bids going out in 2011 and construction starting next year.

    The project still needs to go through two more rounds of approval with the council — first and second readings are required to amend the city code for zoning, Olejniczak said. The city and Wal-Mart also need to sign a development agreement, and until those steps are taken, there are no commitments.

    The council tweaked a list of nine conditions that are part of the final approval. Alderman Steve Mann asked for language to be changed to include "a contribution from the developer for improvement of water storage and/or supply facilities as needed to supply and support the Wal-Mart store."

    Previously, the agreement specified a water tower. An impact study done by Vierbicher of Madison said the construction of a 150,000-square-foot Supercenter likely would result in the need to construct a new municipal water tower estimated to cost $960,000.

    The size of the store since has been scaled back to 120,000 square feet, but the Supercenter would trigger the need for increasing the water supply. An additional water tower already was included in a long-range utility plan by Sturgeon Bay Utilities, which owns the parcel behind Wal-Mart. Even without a Supercenter, a tower was anticipated as other development occurs near Egg Harbor Road.

    SBU Operations Manager Cliff White was at Tuesday's meeting and told the council a water tower is just one option. Another plan is to build a booster station. SBU is modeling the project to see which option is most cost-effective. Either way, Wal-Mart agreed to pay its share of the project.

    For a water tower, White estimated Wal-Mart's need would be about 40,000 gallons, or about one-fourth of what a water tower would hold. An estimate of $250,000 is not totally accurate, he said, because final plans are not yet known but soon will be — in time for the city and Wal-Mart to sign an agreement. The Vierbicher study estimated Wal-Mart would generate a net revenue benefit of $7,000 to $10,000 for the utility and would help lower overall utility costs for residents.

    White said additional water is not needed immediately, even with a new Supercenter. The increased capacity covers redundancy or worst-case scenario situations.

    "For example, if there were a fire at the store and their sprinkler system would go off," he said, "would we have enough water for other businesses and homes in the area? We don't need it now and we may have gotten the cart ahead of the horse."

    Also attending Tuesday's meeting was Mike Tadych from EconoFoods, who told the council he would like to see an additional drive between the stores.

    "By putting one entryway, it will deter customers from going between the sites, and we'll lose that 'one-stop shop,'" Tadych said.

    He also said trees should be moved on the plan to improve the line of sight to EconoFoods. He asked the council to delay its decision and asked for another traffic analysis.

    But the consensus was that details could be reached with city staff, as one of the conditions of approval gives staff latitude to continue negotiations.

    Alderman Thad Birmingham didn't like the look of the new monument sign displaying Wal-Mart's name and Econo Foods' below it. Olejniczak said Wal-Mart redesigned the sign with limestone and it was made larger to accommodate Econo Foods' name. To do so, the arch was removed.

    "No matter how well Wal-Mart camouflages the sign," Birmingham said, "local residents will still find Econo Foods."

    Birmingham said he also would like to see more sidewalk access in the plans for anticipated additional development in the area.

    "We could finish connecting the dots and complete that puzzle and allow residents to access that," he said. "Otherwise, I think Wal-Mart has gone out of their way to accommodate the city, and I would commend them for that."

    1/9/2010 2:58:44 PM - patric wrote:
    Would have liked to have seen the lighting plan for this. PUD's usually require them.
    Do they plan on using glare-free lighting outside (essential for older drivers) or the typical overly-bright lights used to lure people like moths to a flame?
    Will acres of empty parking lots be lit at 2 am, which wastes electricity, spoils the night view (tourism $$) and confuses migrating birds which circle until they die of exhaustion?
    Unless we want to look like Chicago at night these are things we need to consider at the planning stages.

    1/9/2010 3:39:43 PM - jlvw1 wrote:
    We dont need another walmart! or a 3rd grocery store within a couple miles of eachother. West side needs a little more attention paid to it. maybe people south of sturgeon bay would be more willing to stay here to shop instead of going to green bay if it was a little more convinient. Everyone is always worried about the tourists. They will continue to come visit door county. The year round residents and locals would love to have their wishes granted also. Besides, you keep the locals happy, they can in turn help keep tourists happy!!

    1/11/2010 5:51:17 AM - sh1265 wrote:
    How could they be surprised that is going to take 2-1/2 years to build it? It took them longer then that just to make a descision to let Walmart come. What was the bridge? About 10 yrs of descision making and 2 years of construction? If the city would have truly represented the people, and got the ball rolling, we'd probably be in the new Walmart already. This has been going on for years. Thankfully now it seems to be moving forward.

    1/11/2010 9:19:17 AM - mukamuk wrote:
    If you dont like Wal-Mart,then shop Target. Wal-Mart has overwhelmed every community that they go into. All the people want is low prices but are you ready for the consequences? Whatever tax savings from Wal-Mart will be more than offset by the businesses that will eventually disappear including the two grocery stores that are nearby.If you don't believe that look at what they did to K-Mart with that big empty building. Then you will be at the mercy of Wal-Mart and I guarantee you the prices will go up since there is no competition. Wal-Mart is the leader in selling groceries on this planet. Going up Wal-Mart is like playing monopoly and all you own is Baltic ave. Wal-Mart doesnt settle in towns without a planning period looking at the size of the community,the labor(cheap), The community is definitely split but also the community has no choice because the people are desperate for low prices. The tourists arent stupid because they see competion in the big city all the time.

    1/14/2010 9:21:21 AM - mlmpianoman wrote:
    I echo sh1265 precisely. We could have already been shopping at the SuperCenter. BTW, we plan to continue shopping at no ground lost there on the grocery issues. Many of our friends feel the same way.

    & if THAT stuff isn't bad enough.........

    1/6/10 - Primary Set, Six Candidates For Mayor
    By Bob Dohr

    The Sturgeon Bay City Council made it official Tuesday night, setting a primary for February 16. City Clerk Stephanie Reinhardt says six mayoral candidates filed their papers by Tuesday's deadline: Barb Allmann, Perry Andropolis, Thad Birmingham, Dennis McIntosh, John Wade and John Williamson.

    Reinhardt says the cost of the primary is estimated to be $9,600 with the county covering $3,300 of that. Reinhardt says the city did budget for four elections, so the item is covered in the budget.

    Mayor Tom Voegele announced in December that he would not be seeking another term.

    Any way you look at it, Sturgeon Bay's SCREWED!

    Tuesday, November 03, 2009

    What's happened since the last post

    Ok, to bring everyone up to speed without writing a whole book :))

    Walmart is STILL pushing for a supercenter.

    But just when you think all hope's lost, something weird & cool happens - another company, Our Family Foods, jumped into the ring & dropped a bombshell.....

    When walmart built, they signed an agreement with Our Family to the effect that any major expansion riquires approval of the other signers of the aggreement,

    OF's lawyer showed up at a council meeting, and layed it out in no uncertain terms that....

    YES! a major champion's taken up the cause!

    But we as intelligent citizens of this city and country STILL need to deal with the sellouts, the traitors to this once great country!

    Some of those sellouts are listed below.

    Kenneth J Kezo
    Sturgeon Bay

    Gary Beranis
    Sturgeon Bay

    Patrick Murphy
    Sturgeon Bay

    Terry and Di Wagner
    Sturgeon Bay

    w.c. Kivell
    Sturgeon Bay

    Marilyn McAllister
    Sturgeon Bay

    Timothy Oconnor
    Sturgeon Bay

    Jeff Norland
    Sturgeon Bay

    Veronica Vertz
    Sturgeon Bay

    Jean Smejkal

    Dorothy Lindsey
    Washington Island

    These selfcentered people could care less about what happens to others or the community - the only thing they care about is themselves and getting cheap sh**.

    I don't consider these people Americans. Hell, I don't even think they're human! and they sure as hell don't have souls, since they've already sold those.

    Friday, November 09, 2007

    Combining Hilter w/ the energizer bunny

    MY GOD! IT'S HUGE!!!!!!
    (A larger version is posted up on the "walmart sucks" group, if you care to inspect it more closely)
    This is what you can expect should you allow them to build a supercenter - At least 1/4 of that size is to be dedicated to groceries....

    Oddly enough, NOBODY from walmart bothered showing up - not the Manager, not his "muscle", not the Lawyer!

    By the way, the owner of that property? The one's SOOOO hell bent on selling out the city to walmart no matter the consequences??

    Whalton & Linda Georgenson
    3740 Peterson Rd.
    Sturgeon Bay, WI.

    They also own "butch's auto" on Egg Harbor Road.

    Deborah C. Tomczyk, Esq.
    1000 n. water st., suite 21000
    Milwaukee, WI.

    They immitate Hitler in his making & breaking promises, They try using intimidation to scare people into giving in to them, they literally BRIBE people into supporting them, NEED I GO ON (since I've said this sh** already in other posts)???


    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    City Council Meeting - 08/21/07

    Well, this is going to be a little heavier on the information than my usual postings......

    For starters, who should be seen entering city hall to attend the meeting but the LOCAL WALMART MANAGER, with two burly types in tow.... as if walmart was going to resort to mafia-type "strong arm" tactics.


    THEN, just after roll call (lol), Alderman Mann Decided to try more "person agenda pushing....

    Mann: "Mister Mayor, I also would like you to, for the next regularly scheduled council meeting, I would like you add - as my request - was that, we, add to the next common council agenda an item regarding the composition or the make up of the city plan commission. I won't go into any much history other than to say that, that ah, I requested and we looked at it, and it didn't make the agenda tonight so I just wanted to make sure it was on next time. And, my basis for this is, ah, common council code, ah, 2.02 peren 3, ah c - 'agen,' ok, 'the agenda, once adopted shall be the order of the business, and any new business may be introduced as part of the agenda for the next meeting of the common council.'

    Mayor Voegele: "Surely we'll consider that, Mister Mann."

    ( long 3 second pause...) Mann: "CONSIDER it??????... Ok..... I hope you'd do more than that..."

    Myaor Voegele: "We will consider it."

    ROFL! In the past, he's tried telling the mayor what to do, AND even tried snooping over the mayor's shoulder when the Mayor was reading something - does this guy EVER know when to quit??? (By the way, it WAS noticed that Alderman Mann has apparently been moved from just to the right of the Mayor, to over near the left end of the "horse-shoe". :)) )


    During the public comments for item #13 - Large retail ordinance, a number of people spoke. the most notable were Tom Wagner (who made the threat that if Walmart is not allowed to expand, they COULD sue the city), and a LAWYER FROM MILWAUKEE REPRESENTING WALMART!

    (I was going to post - word for word - their statements, but the vhs tape used to record the meeting screwed up partway through Tomczak's statement and continued most of the way through Wagner's. Rest assured that the meeting WILL be retapred, and this post edited to include those statements AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.)

    It should be noted that Walmart's milwaukee attourney Debbie Tomczak has so far traveled up here from milwaukee AT LEAST TWICE(that is known at this time) for the express purpose of speaking in favor of walmart expanding in Sturgeon Bay - the other documented time was for the common council meeting on August 7th, 2007.

    In the end, the city council approved the changes to the "Big Box" Ordinance - changes which INCLUDED REMOVING ANY SIZE CAP.

    Alderman Vandertie, hower, DID bring up an interesting point concerning walmart's expansion: That in addition to the Economic & fiscal impact studies, they will ALSO need to apply for anexation.


    And a new nationwide(& hopefully WORLDWIDE in the future) group is in the process of being formed.... caling themselves the "Sons Of Liberty" with the goal of drawing together ALL seperate local groups under one united banner to fight against such evil and greed as represented my Walmart, Gannett, and others. WE MUST TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK IF IT IS TO EXIST!

    Sunday, August 05, 2007

    How useful is our local fire dept????

    As of about an hour & a half ago, Sturgeon bay fire dept responded to a report of heavy smoke at the holiday motel - right at the east end of the downtown bridge.


    Get this, they have 2 pumpers, 1 mini pumper, 1 tanker, 1 ladder truck, and 1 rescue truck from the city.... AS WELL AS 1 pumper, 1 mini pumper, and 1 rescue from the southern door fire dept...... And they have only started (as of this writing) to try and put it out!!!!! Even then, there are only 3 people actively fighting the fire - the rest are just standing around WATCHING!!!
    WHAT.... THE..... F***!?!?!?!?!?! When did the fire dept turn wimps??? And WHY are the citizens paying for all these firefighters when they're not doing anything???

    This personally makes me SERIOUSLY wonder about the usefulness of having a mostly part-time fire dept. It was as if most of them only responded so that they could claim another paycheck....

    I was there, and managed to get 20 photos from different angles - as soon as I get the film developed, I'll post all of them over at

    Anyone else that was there, you're welcome to come over and add your 2 cents worth.

    Will also add a link here to any news articles as they become availible.


    THE PHOTOS ARE NOW UPLOADED AT THE "STURGEONBAYGROUP" ON YAHOO. (Gee, I never realized before that getting them put direct to picture cd could be so much cheaper versus getting prints - $3.10 vs about $7.00 for prints)

    Door County Daily News:

    Major Structure Fire Devastates Holiday Motel
    By Nick Freimuth
    August 6, 2007

    Traffic was redirected through Sturgeon Bay for three hours yesterday after a fire destroyed the attic and second level of the Holiday Motel. Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Tim Herlache said no one was injured and the fire was put out before it swept through the rooms on the upper level. Herlache said because of smoke and water damage most of the motel will need to be gutted.
    Manager Anna Sacks said the first thing on her mind when she heard there was a fire was the safety of those staying at the Holiday. The community support was beyond belief, according to Sacks.

    Fire Chief Herlache said the emergency call came in at 11:19 a.m. The call reported that smoke was coming from the roof. When the department arrived there were no flames poking through the structure. Herlache talked about the department’s reaction to the smoke.

    Firefighters used 5,000 gallons of water to extinguish the blaze. Herlache said the American Red Cross went above and beyond again. He also thanked Stone Harbor for hosting the displaced Holiday Motel residents.
    The Southern Door County Fire Department and Door County Emergency Services provided mutual aid at the scene. Southern Door sent three rigs and 15 firefighters and 25 responded from the Sturgeon Bay department......

    the Door County Advocate article:

    Fire damages Holiday Motel

    By Chuck Carlson

    A fire, which may have started in a second-floor bathroom and spread to the attic, damaged the Holiday Motel on N. Second Avenue in downtown Sturgeon Bay, Sunday morning.

    Thick, brown smoke poured from the attic on both sides of the motel around 11:15 a.m. and grew thicker over the next hour, blanketing much of downtown Sturgeon Bay in a haze.

    The hotel was full at the time, according to owner Pat mAcdonald, and several people had to be awakened and told to get out of the motel.

    No one was injured.

    More than 30 firefighters, including many brought in off-duty, responded from the Sturgeon Bay Fire Department with support from Southern Door.....

    I posted a comment on the Advocate story at:

    .... And it apparently pissed off one of the local firefighters, who in an attempted post on the "sturgoenbaygroup" resorted to name calling and retorted:

    if dont have anything else to do besides criticize someone
    else, how about you strap on all that gear and try it yourself. I bet
    you couldnt last a minute with one of those guys in a fire. Sounds
    like you know a lot about this department, maybe you dont know all the
    facts. Do you think it is possible in your little mind to understand
    what actually takes place at a fire.

    I guess that's to be expected from such people - and he didn't even try to explain their reasons for standing around shooting the breeze instead of fighting the fire....

    If anyone reading this feels like trying to drag an explaination out of him, the email he used was - although he DOES have a charter internet account, his IP# being